Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Restoration: Concepts and Methods

It is essential that differently oriented specialists and students involved in image processing have a firm grasp of the necessary concepts and principles. A single-source reference that can provide this foundation, as well as a thorough explanation of the techniques involved, particularly those found in medical image processing, would be an invaluable resource to have.
Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Restoration: Concepts and Methods is that resource. It not only explains the general principles and methods of image processing, but also focuses on recent applications specific to medical imaging – providing a theoretical yet clear explanation of underlying generic concepts.

The content of this book is divided into three parts:

  • Part I, Images as Multidimensional Signals, provides the introduction to basic image processing theory, explaining it for both analogue and digital image representation.
  • Part II, Imaging Systems as Data Sources, offers an alternative view on imaging modalities, with emphasis placed on analyzing internal signals and (pre)image data that are consequently processed.
  • Part III, Image Processing and Analysis, focuses on such vital image processing topics as tomographic image reconstruction, image fusion, methods of image enhancement, and image restoration techniques. This section also explains concepts of fundamental-level image analysis – detailing local feature analysis, image segmentation, and generalized morphological transforms. It also addresses what is needed within the image processing environment by noting necessary hardware and software and processes for image archiving and communications.

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