Experimental Methods for Simultaneous Measurement of Action Potentials and Electrograms in Isolated Heart

Monophasic action potential (MAP) can be recorded from the heart surface by optical method based on fluorescence measurement. The motion of isolated heart during experiment caused additional noise in recorded signal. The motion artifact can be eliminated by ratiometric fluorescence emission measurements. This study is based on experiments in which optical MAP measurement is done by single-wavelength and dual-wavelength measurement of fluorescence emission. Both recording setups are presented and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. MAPs recorded by both methods from isolated rabbit hearts perfused according to Langendorff are presented. Simultaneous electrograms (EG) and MAPs recording are analyzed and measurement of velocity of impulse conduction through heart tissue is presented.

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Experimentální kardiologie

Experimental Cardiology

Jana KolářováJana Kolářová

Oto JanoušekOto Janoušek

Ivo ProvazníkIvo Provazník

Marie Novakova

Katerina Fialova

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