Cell Segmentation Methods For Label-free Contrast Microscopy: Review And Comprehensive Comparison

Because of its non-destructive nature, label-free imaging is an important strategy for studying biological processes. However, routine microscopic techniques like phase contrast or DIC suffer from shadow-cast artifacts making automatic segmentation challenging. The aim of this study was to compare the segmentation efficacy of published steps of segmentation work-flow (image reconstruction, foreground segmentation, cell detection (seed-point extraction) and cell (instance) segmentation) on a dataset of the same cells from multiple contrast microscopic modalities.

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Microscopy Imaging & Image Processing

Tomáš VičarTomáš Vičar

Radim KolářRadim Kolář

Jan Balvan

Josef Jaroš

Florian Jug

Michal Masařík

Jaromír Gumulec

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