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We are reliable partners for a short-term as well as long-term research. We can present know-how and we are a certified workplace for expert activities.

We focus on various research areas from algorithm developments and methodologies for signal processing and analysis to achieved data statistical evaluations or software developments.

We are experts in the area of optics and use of light rays not only in biomedicine but also in biometrics, transport or automotive industry. We make applications for spectrophotometry, microscopy, for use in industrial or scientific cameras together with computer vision. We focus on use of smartphones and wearable electronics for an application connected with quality of life, health or a physical activity. The matter of course is the development of analog and digital hardware with the use of microcontrollers.

In the area of bioinformatics, we specialised on analysis and processing of biological sequences, mainly genomes assembling and annotating, comparative genomics and proteomics and analysis of metagenomic and metabolomic data. In the area of biochemistry, we focus on development of new tools for data processing coming from gel or capillary chip electrophoresis.

Due to cooperation with other faculties (mainly Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) and many other academic or scientific workplaces (Masaryk University, Institute of Scientific Instruments – The Czech Academy of Science, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, etc.) we are able to do a complex research and a development in stated areas.

The most frequent way of cooperation:

  • Long-term research
    Research within grant projects (e.g. TAČR, MPO), with a time plan two or more years
  • Short-term research
    A contract research and development with a time plan one to two years.
  • Measurement and analytical activities
    We offer specialised measurements with use of our devices including analysis and evaluation of measured data.
  • Consulting activity
    We provide one-off trainings for smaller teams and sharing know-how in areas of biomedical engineering.
  • Expert opinions and expert activities
    We prepare expert opinions for devices or for methods from the area of medicine or biology. We provide expert activities according to Ministry of Justice Register in areas as Biomedical Engineering (medical devices and systems, medical technology for diagnosis and therapy, an evaluation of their technical parameters – in the area of Electrotechnics and Cybernetics) and Gauges and Measuring Equipment in Medicine – area of Metrology.
  • Students projects
    We can help your company to get talented students for your project. Either within diploma thesis or a development of a new product in a larger team.

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doc. Ing. Radim Kolář, Ph.D.
Research coordinator
+420 541 146 668

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