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The list of wearable and smart devices is following: a portable recorder ECG Faros 180°, a portable recorder ECG Corscience BT3/6, a wrist accelerometer Axivity AX3, a fitness bracelet Fitbit Alta HR, a smartphone Honor P7 Lite, a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7, an oximeter Nonin 9560 Onyx II, a pressure gauge and a glucometer Fora D40. A wireless recording of ECG and a human activity at everyday routine as well as at load situations, for example, in sportsmen it is possible with this device. This list of devices can be used as a developmental kit e.g., for developing smartphones applications.

List of devices

Mobile recorder Faros 180°

Faros 180° is a one-channel portable ECG recorder with integrated triaxial accelerometer. Small dimensions, low weight, possibility to set up parameters of recording, a long battery life, an internal memory with a big capacity and possibility to send data online by using bluetooth or by saving to internal memory are the advantages of this device. It is possible to set up the ECG sampling frequency in the range 100-1000 Hz and the ACC sampling frequency in the range 10-100 Hz. The bit resolution of the recorder is 14 bit per sample. The HRV signal is obtainable from the machine too. Output data is in the EDF format. This device is used for everyday activity monitoring as well as for monitoring under load e.g., in sportsmen. The recorder has its reference function in smartphones application development. Data is obtained by two electrodes placed on a chest. The recorder itself is fixed to one of the electrodes. The fixing is easy and it does not cause any discomfort at measuring.

Mobile ECG recorder ECG Corscience BT3/6

Corscience BT3/6 enables to scan up to 6 ECG channels (Einthoven and Goldberg leads) by using electrodes fixed on limbs. This device is suitable for quiet recordings only. It allows online data sending using bluetooth. The sampling frequency is 500 Hz.

Bracelet accelerometer Axivity AX3

Axivity AX3 consists of two parts – the accelerometer and the bracelet for easier fixing on a wrist or on an ankle. The accelerometer is usable separately too. This device allows online data sending by bluetooth or saving to internal memory. The setting of sampling frequency is in the range 12,5-3200 Hz, the range of acceleration from ±2 g do ±16 g and the bit resolution is 13 bit per sample. The advantage is the long-term battery life and fast charging. The device is used for human physical activity monitoring and as a reference at smartphones applications development.

Fitness bracelet Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR is a commercially sold fitness bracelet. It enables to record pulse, number of steps, a walking distance and burnt calories. The bracelet communicates with an application in a smartphone which allows the bracelet setting and data obtaining. The bracelet does not allow to get raw data. The bracelet is used as a reference in smartphone measuring and in accelerometer Axivity measuring.

Smartphone Honor P7 Lite

This smartphone is mostly used for recording of signals from different sensors and for development and testing of applications e.g., for evaluation of pulse frequency, saturation of blood with oxygen, blood pressure and human activity. Basic HW equipment of the phone is processor Hisilicon Kirin 650 Octa Core, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory. Operating system is Android 6 Marshmallow. The smartphone has a good quality camera with resolution 13 MPx, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, GPS, Glonass navigation and fingerprints scanner. The long-term battery life is a big advantage.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a powerful smartphone with a processor Samsung Exynos 8890 Octa Core 64bit, 4 GB RAM and internal memory 32 GB. Operating system is Android 6 Marshmallow. This phone offers a wide range of sensors: a camera with resolution 12 MPx. GPS, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a barometer, a magnetometer, a fingerprints scanner, a pulse sensor and an oxygen blood saturation sensor. Water resistance is of a big advantage. This phone provides data of a sufficient quality as well as for blood pressure determination.

Oxymetr Nonin 9560 Onyx II

This bluetooth device records pulse frequency and saturation of blood with oxygen. It is possible to get a photoplethysmographic curve as output data. The device is used as a reference at smartphones applications development.

Blood pressure monitor and glucometer Fora D40

Fora D40 is a bluetooth device allowing measuring of blood pressure, pulse frequency and the level of glycemia. This device is used as a reference at smartphones applications development.

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