Manufacturing & Prototyping Laboratory

The laboratory serves as a support platform for scientists and students in their development of prototypes and support mechanical tools in experimental research. Our equipment enables to react quickly and efficiently to specific requirements of researchers out of most biomedical engineering areas.

Laboratory equipment

3D printer Felix 3.1 dual

3D printer Felix 3.1 dual is a robust printer with wide support of different filaments from various producers which provides professional results. Couple of printing heads allow parallel printing of two filaments. Due to this function it is possible to print soluble support highly needed in more complicated modules printing. Wide support of various filaments (PLA, ABS, PETG, composite materials, Polyflex, etc.) allows not only two colours combination in one module but also combination of two materials with different qualities. The printer can print a layer of 50 μm thickness. This leads to models with high quality of surface. A big printing space (255x205x225 mm) is the advantage which allows spacious modules printing. Students use the printer for making different prototypes, laboratory products or phantoms not only within their bachelor and master thesis but also in their regular school projects.

CNC milling machine

This milling machine with a high portal offers working place of 600×400 mm and the portal provides object passing up to 130 mm high. Due to this fact the milling machine manages to work on dimensional objects. The fourth rotary axis enables object clamping of 80 mm in diameter. Powerful spindle 1500 W with water cooling enables work at 24000 spins in one minute and this allows to keep recommended milling speed for various options of tools. It easily handles wood and plastic materials but also non-ferrous metals. CNC milling machine can find its different usage in preparation of prototypes, templates or boxes for students’ projects and for research centers too. Engraving and milling of the front panels is natural thing. The milling machine can be used for printed circuit board production. Due to exact micro milling machines (microsmith) 0,2 mm insulation gap can be made. Indisputable advantage is the possibility of automatic and exact drilling of the board. The drilling machine is run by widely spread and popular software MACH3 and the integrated CAM in the programme Autodesk Fusion 360 is used for tracks´preparation. CAM offers intuitive modelling and processing of models into the G-code form for processing at CNC milling machines by various manufacturers.

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