Genomics & Proteomics Laboratory

Research team: Genomic Signal Processing

The laboratory consists of two clean rooms (cleanliness class ISO 7 and 8). Standard equipment for work with cell cultures and genetic materials can be found in the lab. Besides research activities the lab is used for basic molecular biology teaching.

It is modern equipped biochemic laboratory having two separated rooms of the cleanliness class ISO 7 and 8. Constant temperature (22 °C), air humidity 30-70 %, and required cleanliness class guaranteed by HEPA filters, germicidal lamps and germicidal air filtration usage is kept in the rooms. CO2 incubator, two laminar boxes, autoclave, freezer with the minimal temperature -80 °C, cell colony counter, electric pipetting extension, etc., are placed in the laboratory as standard facilities used for work with cell cultures. Except for these facilities the lab is equipped for work with genetic material mainly for isolation and separation of DNA and proteins requiring presence of vertical and horizontal electro-milling cutter, PCR thermocycler, mini PCR box, DIgital Image System – Gel Logic 200, a hood, a dryer, a water thermal bath, a dry thermo-block with cooling, centrifuges, a particle counter, spectrophotometers, etc. A modern automatic chip electro-milling cutter Experion by BioRad company is worth mentioning too. For one semester during the academic year the laboratory is used for basic molecular biology teaching of masters’ students and for their master diploma thesis research all year round. At the same time the lab servers for cell colony growing needed in many research projects of department employees.

Laboratory equipment

Beckman Coulter Multisizer 3 Coulter Counter

Multisizer 3 Coulter Counter is the particle counter based on the Coulter principle – particles in electrolyte flow in microchannel and each particle evokes a change of electrolytic resistance of the fluid which is detected. It serves for cells, bacterias, prokaryotic cells, and viruses detection saved in electrolyte. Multisizer 3 provides information about the number, the volume, and the surface of an analyte in one measuring. The detected particle range is from 0.4 µm to 1,200 µm. It is commonly used for blood analysis or for other industrial applications.

Beckman Coulter PARADIGM Microplate Detection Platform

The detection platform Paradigm multifunctional modular detector. There are up to 20 detection cartridges for the platform which enables detection and analysis of fluorescence intensity (content of DNA, RNA, proteins, receptor-ligand binding, gPCR, etc.), of absorbance (DNA, RNA, proteins purity, ELISA, cells viability, enzymes kinetics), furthermore, luminescence modules, timed fluorescence, and fluorescence polarization. The exchange of modules is user friendly.

Bio-Rad Experion chip electrophoresis

The electrophoresis is a method for substance separation in an electric field. The chip electrophoresis is evolutionary in the capillary electrophoresis where the capillary is substituted by the microfluidic chip. The separation is done in short channels using the range of width is 10-100μm with the application of high voltage. Bio-Rad Experion is automated electrophoresis system suitable for DNA, RNA, and proteins analysis depending on used analytical kit and chip.

UV transilluminator Kodak Gel Logic 200

The transilluminators serve to display gel electrophoresis results using UV radiation. It also serves for analysis of gels, microtiter plates, column and plaque tests. Together with added software Kodak MI it enables to display results with usage of CCD camera and to analyse molecular weight, mass, optic density and to measure intensity.

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