Why Biomedicine

Because while other children were bandaging a plush paw, you were building a rehabilitation center from Merkur kit. You found a microscope under the Christmas tree. And you were lighting more than a light bulb which you managed to plug in to your brand new electronic kit before your parents said: “Be careful, honey!”. And what more, you just simply know your entire life, you want to help people.

You are one of us!

Experience the happiness from researching and develop your talent for exploration of technical principles and natural phenomena. Study in modern laboratories being supervised by excited pedagogues.

Study the programme which makes sense!

Biomedicine obtained the attention of researchers as well as the recognition of society. Bioengineering, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, biomedical informatics – excel at all of these when designing modern technologies in health care. Be able to repeat the ancient success of a prehistoric scientist who 3000 years ago created the first prosthetic aid – an artificial toe from leather and wood and enabled a woman with diabetes to walk again.

Become bioengineers and bioinformaticians who understand the basic principles of life systems functions and are ready for work in perspective interdisciplinary areas on the border of biology and medicine. Examine unimaginable number of bacterial genomes by using NGS (next generation sequencing) technologies. Develop technologies of personalised medicine which can describe whole genome of every patient consisting of more than three billion information units cheap and fast. Construct a smart watch and program an application supervising the health condition of a patient or a sportsman. Understand principles of imaging technologies which can look into the heart of the human body in real time and with help of artificial intelligence can find illnesses in an initial phase. As bioinformaticians find the connection among a cause, a course and a consequence of illnesses and research new drugs with the use of a great clinical studies database.

Undergo Biomedicine and make human lives better. Make your own idea using the stories of biomedical graduates.

Partner With Us

We are committed to promote collaboration across biomedical disciplines creating mutual benefits with companies and research organizations. Explore opportunities to engage with our research teams, or find out more about our current research partners.


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