Master study programmes

Study Biomedicine and become a specialist for technology development moving the borders of medical care.

Currently offered Master study programmes:

Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics

You will learn to design advanced algorithms for medical devices and modern diagnosis of various illnesses as well as methods for genetic code or cell system analysis. In our laboratories, you will discover functioning of the most modern microscopes or how to edit biomedical images from MRI or ultrasound. Analysis of Biomedical Images, Molecular Biology or Basics of Computer Graphics for displaying of multidimensional objects are subjects waiting for you.

When you finish your study, you will become experts for development of information technologies used for biological signals processing, analysis of medical images or genetic data. Technological companies focused on development of software for medical and non-medical devices as well as scientific centers or genetic laboratories where the future of medicine arises will be interested in you. Except for this, new discoveries are waiting for you in our PhD study programme Biomedical Technologies and Bioinformatics!

The first year and you

You will get to know more about biological data analysis, advanced algorithms design or artificial intelligence usage and machine learning in medicine. You will meet optical systems for microscopy or microprocessor programming in laboratories. You will be given a choice to master in one of these two areas – Bioinformatics and work with genomic data or Advanced processing of signals and images. Just focus on your interest! And if you still do not know where to lead your career, come to one of the regular discussions of students and graduates of Biomedicine, which we organise!

The second year and you

The second year study time will be mainly dedicated to your diploma thesis. The core is your diligence, creative attitude and topic which you will enjoy. As seasoned stagers you have agreed on your diploma thesis for example with one of the biotechnological institutions located in Brno so it is an easy job for you to do to manage the couple of remaining study subjects and laboratory practice. Have you got interested in scientific searching? Tune your diploma thesis and compare your abilities with others at one of the student conferences! Or have the courage and research what you enjoy at the Doctoral study programme!

Biomedical and Ecological Engineering

You will design and test machines used at operating rooms or devices for biological signals scanning and for therapy of various illnesses all in modern laboratories. We will teach you how to view internal organs of a human body using different kinds of electromagnetic radiation. You will get to know principles of body replacements and methods for tumor tissue destruction.
Special Medical Technologies, Devices for Biosystem Diagnostics or Tomographic Imaging Systems are subjects waiting for you. Let’s not forget something out of Biophysics and Biology.

After finishing your study, hospitals with development centers, where medical devices are created, will fight over you. You can also find your job in other technological companies which make such devices. And if this is still not enough for you, let’s do the science! Let’s exceed new limits at Doctoral study programmes – Biomedical Technologies and Bioinformatics.

The first year and you

You will obtain further information from different areas of medical devices, human biology and environmental data measuring. You will test the knowledge in practice in laboratories at the same time you will get to know the most modern methods for biological signals and images processing.

The second year and you

Despite the big number of subjects possible to study, you do not have to register too many. Mainly, you will focus on your diploma thesis whose topic will be chosen at the beginning of the winter semester. The summer semester will be dedicated to finding solutions of your diploma thesis only.

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