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Bachelor study programme
What subjects do the admission exams consist of?

The admission exam requires knowledge of biology and mathematics in the range of high school demands.

What are the conditions of admission for bachelor study programme without taking any admission exams?

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication accepts excellent and highly motivated students without taking any admission exams for the bachelor study programme Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics if meeting at least one of the following conditions:

1. Your high school grade point average is maximally 1.25 (Counted as an arithmetic mean of final report grades in the first, second and third study year and of mid semester report of your fourth study year).

2. The admission exam can be excused by the Dean because of other activities which show excellent knowledge or abilities. For example, getting first positions in students technical or science competitions (e.g. Merkur PerFEKT Challenge).

What is the difference among Biomedicine in Brno and other similar study programmes in Prague, Liberec, Ostrava?

Medical Technology has been taught in Brno since 1967, continuously. Due to historical tradition there is a strong and experienced teachers team. New and current trends are being watched as well and are being used in teaching of our students. Obtaining degree from Biomedicine at University of Technology and mainly knowledge coming from this education connected with technological development of Brno is the best start for your future career!

Biomedicine in Brno is unique for providing education at two prestigious universities at the same time - University of Technology and Masaryk University. For this reason, students can use advantages of both institutions – from having access to libraries and study rooms, using university canteens up to the possibility to join large students' communities. Long lasting cooperation between BUT and MU defines specific study and scientific topics which we provide.

Master study programme
Is it possible to begin my career right after finishing bachelor study programme or is it necessary to continue at master study programme?

Absolutely! You can begin your career right after finishing your bachelor study programme not only in private but also in state sector. Companies employ biomedical technicians for example in the field of development, production or sale of medical devices. You can use your knowledge when processing medical data or designing information systems too.

Graduates authorisation to do non-medical health care profession as a Biomedical technician (according to Act no. 96/2004 Sb.) calls for beginning your future career in hospitals or other medical institutions on the position of Biomedical technician. Duties of this position change depending on specific workplace. Nevertheless, it is a real mission which helps people.

But most bachelor graduates carry on studying master study programme. The main reason is the authorisation to work as a Biomedical engineer (Act no. 96/2004 Sb.) which is connected with more detailed knowledge from engineer study programme.

Why are there 2 master study programmes in Czech and how they differ?

Biomedical Engineering includes large field of activities which are impossible to be covered in one study programme. For that reason, our students can choose the study programme which really interest them.

Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics is a study programme which is primarily focused on work with data from the field of genetics, medical images and signals. The aim of this study programme is to teach students to use programming techniques for designing new analytical and diagnostic methods. The content of this study programme meets the requirements of Ministry of Health for the position of Biomedical Engineer (Act no.96/2004 Sb.).

Biomedical and Ecological Engineering study programme is mainly focused on medical devices in diagnostics and therapy. This programme is ideal for students who like development of devices and programme tools used in health care or laboratories. Nevertheless, these students do not miss experience with advanced methods used for biological data processing which are a part of most of modern medical devices. The study programme has been continuously innovated – so students can expect modern project teaching and more practical connection among subjects soon.

Doctoral study programme
Why to study Doctoral study programme?

Doctoral study programme is meant as a scientific work narrowly focused on topics which are interesting for you. It is intended for future scientists – those who find their interest in creative work and researching of until now undiscovered matters.

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