Doctoral study

Do not make a big deal out of science and choose work where a creative potential and a wide professional perspective will be combined.

For example, in some of the doctoral study programmes:

Biomedical Electronics and Biocybernetics
Biomedical Technologies and Bioinformatics

You will learn to conquer new discoveries in your experiments in biological laboratories or in medical data analysis using methods designed by you. We will show you how to lead a research and a development of new technologies in areas of bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, mathematical and systemic biology or genomics and proteomics. It is only up to you, what you will get busy with! You will be completely independent in your research and within your research team as well. You will have an opportunity to show and compare your skills with other colleagues from all over the world at prestigious conferences.

Your Ph.D. degree will enable you to work at top positions of research institutions and technological companies where an ability of innovative problem solving is emphasized – not only on a research position but also as a team manager. Or you can continue on building your scientific career at BUT and so present your knowledge to next engineer generation.

What is waiting for you?

Doctoral study is basically scientific work closely specialised in chosen topic. You will choose your specialisation, design your own experiments, and become absorbed in your first results. The base is creative freedom and independence. Nevertheless, new challenges will be solved by you and your research team colleagues. You will participate in specialised subject teaching and you will take part in many useful seminars – not only expert ones. In many courses, you will focus not only on hard skills development but also on soft skills training which are necessary for scientific work and will help you to grow in your future career. Expert supervisors from Czech and from abroad will help you to add some special skills in your portfolio. Still, you will keep your expert attitude and an ability to interact interdisciplinary.

After two years, you will defend your thesis and pass a final doctoral exam out of individually chosen area. After exam passing there will be next two years of demanding work waiting for you. You will continue to teach but mainly you will present achieved results at international conferences and publish in expert magazines. You will make new contacts – either within your abroad internships or within solving your own ideas with scientific centers or industrial partners. Cooperation is absolutely unlimited at us. Or you can use the opportunity to present and inform your colleagues about your achieved results at one of the seminars, this time from the position of experienced presenter! At the end you will submit and defend your dissertation work and Ph.D. degree is yours.

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