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Study biomedicine and become a specialist on new technologies which help to safe human lives.

Currently offered full-time Bachelor study programme:

Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics

During your study you will get to know functioning of different laboratory and medical devices (e.g. CT) or how to get into complicated biological processes by using computer analyses. You will learn to reveal information hidden in DNA or to make an artificial intelligence being able to recognise various illnesses. Medical technology, Analysis of biological data, Physics, or Programming are subjects waiting for you. At the Medical University you will get skilled at Anatomy, Human Physiology, Genetics, or Nuclear Medicine and you will get into a background of hospitals and research laboratories. After finishing your study hospitals and companies supplying devices will fight over you. Or you can carry on studying your master study programme – Biomedical and Ecological Engineering or Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics.

The first year and you

To survive the first study year at Biomedicine it is a challenge waiting for you. This feature is typical for all study programmes at BUT. Not only for wrongly feared mathematics and physics. But as many other students before you, you can make it just a little effort is needed. Much more independence and creativity when solving tasks is expected from you. For example, when working in scripting environment Matlab in which you will learn to design your first simple computer program. You will appraise this knowledge when researching biological data or for automation of various calculations and it will make your work much easier during your study and practice.

You will get a lot of new knowledge from medical sciences directly from the best experts in Medicine. You will have an opportunity to verify this knowledge in practice in local laboratories the same as students of medicine. Besides that, you will get to know typical symptoms of some serious illnesses and also physiological functioning of a human body considering organ, cell and molecular level. To process new information, you can visit university library or many good cafes, which you can find on the way between BUT and Masaryk University.

The second year and you

The mantra of this study programme waits for you – processing and analysis of medical signals and images. Simply said you will learn how to eliminate disturbing effects in digitally recorded biological actions and how to get information about organ functioning which could lead to identification of the origin of the illness and to possible treatment. You will practice all in our laboratories using realistic heart, brain or muscle records at this moment you will benefit from your previous study year knowledge of mathematics and medical basis. By the way an internationally recognized book, source of your future expert knowledge, is nicknamed Bio-Bible among students. Talking about instrumentation technology you will get into imaging methods – we will show you the formation of human body images using ultrasound, MRI, and devices in nuclear medicine. We will teach you the technical part at BUT and at medical school you will get the medical point of view and you will have a look at clinical workplace. And if you really want to be up to date you can take your part in some of biomedical seminars which are held regularly.

The third year and you

Most of your third year study time will be dedicated to your bachelor thesis. For that reason, choose a topic which you are really interested in. You can lock yourself in some of the laboratories and focus in detail on medical devices, improve a quality of CT brain images for the purposes of some of the leading companies, or help with some clinical research under the supervision of experienced doctors. Or you can simply manage your own custom-made bachelor thesis, we will be happy to help.

Newly, you will learn to work with developmental environment LabVIEW – a tool used by many industrial companies for prototype measuring, management, and development (e.g. Tesla Motors or NASA). But we will begin with something easier – for example construction of cardiostimulator or therapeutic games controlled by electric impulses from muscles. In other subjects you will find out how to predict epidemics development using mathematical models. And also we will teach you to be really good at working with genetic code which is very practical for identification of harmful microorganisms or for development of modern medicine.

During your third study year you already have a good base for building your career so it is the right time to search for an internship in companies. The internship will help you to add practical experience and make new contacts. We keep in touch with hospitals and companies so our students get current information about new opportunities and offers. And if you have the courage you can become a member of one of the research teams at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and you can develop your creative potential under the supervision of real scientists!

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