At top research centers, specialised companies focused on medical device development or right at operating rooms it is possible to meet our university graduates. They are valuable members of interdisciplinary teams not only for sharing their biomedical know-how but also for creating new technologies and for being respected interprets of bioinformatic data.

Biomedical graduates are making a way to attractive occupations for all of you. They will support you in scientific as well as in academic areas where they perform leader team positions. They will welcome you in industrial companies where they supervise instrument development and new technologies implementation. They will greet you in headquarter offices of start-up companies. They will share their experience with you in companies focused on image and signal processing.

Ing. Filip Maleňák – director of Záchranka Application, Managing Director of Medical Information Technologies, Ltd

“My study at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication – programme Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics followed by master study programme Biomedical and Ecological Engineering connected my knowledge of medicine and technologies which is something enabling me to communicate with doctors and technicians on a daily basis and to efficiently coordinate technical development satisfactory for demands of a medical field and lay public.”

Ing. Miloš Malínský, Ph.D. – System Designer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“The study of Biomedicine provides you with significant range of knowledge in many fields and understanding for needs of different business partners.”

Imagine yourself in a five-year time as developing an application saving lives, as researching tiredness of transatlantic flights pilots, as planning radiotherapy of oncological patients or studying electroencephalographic signals at MRI, developing a software scheduling doctors’ appointments, organising research teams in development departments of one of biggest producers of microscopes, at audiometric examination and at design of hearing aids or at development of incubators – all of these great things mentioned above are being done by our graduates with pride of their education. Become one of them or meet them in person at our faculty.

Ing. Jakub Brandejs – Acoustic advisor, REJA Ltd.

“Advanced signals processing and hearing biophysics are the base for work of acoustic specialist. My study at Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology provided me the best possible preparation for my job.”

Ing. Tomáš Procházka – radiological physicist, Masaryk Institute of Oncology

“Biomedicine started me up in the right direction. I got valuable knowledge during my study from which I benefit at my work in hospital every day.”

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