Doctoral student wins international competition with a cardiac pathology detection software

Radovan Smíšek, a PhD student at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, was the best out of seven participants in an international competition called the LBBB Initiative that was started last year and organised by the International Society for Computerised Electrocardiology (ISCE).

The participant teams included both scientists and developers from international companies such as Philips and General Electric (GE). Due to this win, Radovan Smíšek received funding for a trip to a conference in Park City, Utah, USA, where he presented the results of his work.

The aim of the competition was to create a software that automatically detects the heart pathology called ‘complete left bundle branch block’ according to strict criteria. Detection of this pathology is very important. Currently, determining a patient’s suitability for a special biventricular pacemaker implant is a big issue. Sometimes the pacemaker is implanted and then it is found out that it has no benefit for the patient at all. The patient therefore undergoes unnecessary surgery. Smíšek’s software, based on strict criteria, will help doctors choose only those patients who can benefit from a biventricular pacemaker.

LBBB Initiative of the ISCE 2018 meeting certificate | Radovan Smíšek’s repository

Radovan Smíšek has been working on cardiologic signals for a long time. As member of the ECG Processing and Analysis team, he is currently working on a dissertation entitled Categorisation of types of QRS complexes in high-frequency ECG signal. His dissertation also discusses the ability to predict which patient will benefit from the pacemaker implant by also using high-frequency ECG analysis. The software created in the contest can be used to compare whether better predictions come from the strict criteria for complete left bundle branch block or the high-frequency ECG analysis.

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