Biomedical student succeeds in the final thesis competition

Biomedical student Jana Musilová has succeeded in the VUT 8-best final thesis competition. Her bachelor’s thesis on drug interaction has gained the interest of the competition committee.

‘I have been studying schizophrenia, especially the currently used drugs and the possibilities of more effective treatments,’ Jana Musilová said. The student has uniquely combined the knowledge gained through her studies in the biomedical engineering and bioinformatics field with a personal vision to put her expertise into practice: ‘I would be happy if my work created a treatment that really heals schizophrenia and improves the lives of many patients. Introducing a new drug to the market is a marathon, not a sprint, but I’m convinced that thanks to the modern methods used in our institute, we will be successful.’

Jana Musilová received second place in competition 8 from BUT for her work on drug interaction | Author: Oto Janoušek

Success in the university competition was the final achievement of the student’s long-term education in bioinformatics. ‘I have wanted to study psychotic illnesses since high school. When I discovered that at the Department of Biomedical Engineering it is possible to design a drug on the computer, I was absolutely excited. When I chose the topic of my bachelor’s thesis, I chose from the fields encountered during my studies. Bioinformatics was a clear choice for me,’ Jana Musilová explained her thought process that helped her pick the topic of the final thesis. She also admitted that at the same time she boldly ventured into areas which were unknown to her: ‘I had no experience with drug designing with field analysis before my work, that’s why I had to learn a lot about the discipline. The thesis supervisor helped me with that a great deal by providing me with interesting materials, so learning was fun.’

Compound interaction | Jana Musilová’s repository

Approximately 40 BA students graduate each year in Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics With their final theses, the graduates are significantly shaping the scientific fields of biomedicine and bioinformatics. Jana Musilová shares her know-how about professional success with biomedical students: ‘The success of every activity is to do something that people enjoy, that fulfils them and has a purpose. Of course, there is also a need for diligent work, good preparation and presentation of the bachelor thesis, especially the presentation :-). It must be interesting, engaging and tailored to the audience.’

Jana Musilová establishing the treatment formula | Photo: Oto Janoušek

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